Hewson Consulting enables developers/ investors with major real estate interest enhance their development, business & investment pursuit. We provide technical support that transforms their corporate brand and bottom line. We ease executive decision making and promote asset life-cycle through involvement as external consultants. Our knowhow enables operators leverage on existing real-estate assets as resource for acquisition of further assets. The benefits of our consultancy support are highlighted below

Practical Benefits

  • We offer market research and survey that provide growth assurance through insight that improves decision making. We believe that fundamentals help executives define direction while analytics enable businesses make informed decisions
  • We provide our clients with bankable documents which include the feasibility reports usually required by financial institutions for granting development finance. We also consider alternative funding and advise on most appropriable finance options.
  • We assist in structuring projects for maximum returns by adopting our development model, which phantom in applicable indices. Ours consider location & land-use matrix, architectural design implication, facility provision level, relevant information system, legal factors and tax burden.
  • We formulate sound strategies that enable companies sustain competitive edge. Besides initiating pivot strategies, we refine existing ones, and where necessary, proffer innovative changes that supplement companies’ efforts.
  • We offer business/ IT support that enables executives perform difficult tasks effortlessly, and deliver on their products and services. Thus actualizing their schemes as planned, while meeting financial projection and surpassing growth expectation.

Common Benefits

  • Sound business investment advisory
  • Guaranteed pre-determined profit level
  • Higher property income generation capacity
  • Reduced lease occupancy/ void ratio
  • Effective property branding approach
  • Improved market sales value outcome
  • Functional information systems integration
  • Available foreign capital injection
  • Improved asset life-circle and returns
  • Property tax reduction advisory
  • Total business re-engineering and growth
  • Improved corporate image branding
  • Enhanced corporate net worth value
  • Expert intervention and facilitation

Written by:

Mr. Matthew A. Aziegbe

Presiding Partner/ Consultant

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