At Hewson Consulting, we offer services that are fundamental to property development & investment and their management system. Our interest relates to corporate real estate and allied activities, where we provide field operators and businesses with detail investment appraisal, marketing strategy, product promotion, ICT applications, image promotion and management support for enterprise growth.

Organizations which downplay these fundamental areas of operation shortchange themselves, and would hardly expand since these factors determine growth. The effectiveness of management structure, for instance, dictates revenue generation capacity while the marketing and sales function dictates market penetration, nay profitability. Corporate estate development companies require a balance between their development works and management input.

While other investment options like shares mutual funds and even bank deposit and pensions are placed under corporate expert guidance, same cannot be said of most capital investment in real estate. Despite their huge financial outlay which often supersedes other investment outlay, they are, more often than not, managed without adequate platform, and even by non-trained personnel.

While some operators appreciate the importance of engaging technical partners for advisory, others do not. The non-involvement of specialists is often at the detriment of their investments, as evidenced in shortfalls in rentals, asset life circle and other indices. The beneficial effect of expert involvement provides enablement for investment growth and corporate expansion.

Our specialists provide leading edge support which enables real-estate & allied companies and their personnel perform duties in the most productive way in accordance with acceptable global standard.


Written by:

Mr. Matthew A. Aziegbe

Presiding Partner/ Consultant

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