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Section 1 – Hewson Consulting: Basis & Benefits of our Services

Underlying basis for our consultancy service

At Hewson Consulting, we offer services that are fundamental to property development & investment and their management process. Our interest centers on corporate real estate and allied activities, where we provide field operators and businesses with investment appraisal, marketing strategy, product promotion, ICT applications, image promotion and management support for enterprise growth.

Technical benefits of our consultancy support

Hewson Consulting enables developers/ investors with major real estate interest enhance their development, business & investment pursuit. We provide technical support that transforms their corporate brand and bottom line. We ease executive decision making and promote asset life-cycle through involvement as external consultants. Our knowhow enables operators leverage on existing real-estate assets as resource for acquisition of further assets. The benefits of our consultancy support are highlighted below.

Section 2 – Articles on Investment Issues &  Management Guide

Real Estate Economics & Its Perspective View

Both investors and analysts alike see investment in real estate as viable since they hardly crash, but regularly experience capital appreciation. In most climes, even without external consultants and advisors, they experience growth. As such, most property developers/ investors tend to relegate the necessity for expert involvement while relying on self-management and sometimes other unqualified persons.