HCS periodic report highlights critical factors associated with corporate real estate pursuit. Our reviewers provide analytics that capture prevailing trends in different segments of the sector, and isolate indicators that industry operators require. They convey parameters considered paramount for investment course and enterprise growth.
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Industry Scope


Scope Definition


1.     Development/ Investment Segment

·       Real-Estate development companies

·       Real-Estate investment companies

2.     Mortgage/ Finance Segment

·       Mortgage banking institutions

·       Development financing companies

3.     Project/ Construction Segment

·       Project management companies

·       Building construction companies

4.     Brokerage/ Agency Segment

·       Property brokerage companies

·       Property management companies

5.     Consultancy/ Advisory Segment

·       Consultancy services Concern

·       Professional practice Concern

6.     Facility/ Infrastructural Segment

·       Facility management companies

·       Infrastructural asset corporations

7.     Planning/ Environmental Segment

·       Environmental resources commissions

·       Physical design consortiums

8.     Housing/ Sheltering Segment

·       Residential housing authorities

·       Industrial estate companies

9.     Recreational/ Hospitality Segment

·       Outdoor recreation companies

·       Lodging accommodation companies

10.  Land-use/ Info-systems Segment

·       Land administration agencies

·        Property technology outfits